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Self Discipline

I’m feeling the hump today instead of Wednesday. i wanted to write every day, but I think I need a break — and I only started this Monday! Hence the lazy, but relevant re-blog

Legitimate Excuses

I’m intent on making a blog post today. I’m not sure what its going to be about.
Does it matter? It just has to be something good right?
Maybe I’ll never start it.
Last night was pretty great. I went to a show at bizarre bushwick. It was another wacky performance art show. I invited Baxton to it earlier in the day thinking Hope, who was coming in from Florida, would want to go out and experience the city.
Hope was sick though, so we ordered food at home. I was still intent on going to the show. I put in my contacts and convinced hope to walk me to the train stop.
On the way there my left contact started to give me trouble. As the pain became too much to ignore I realized I needed to take out the contact and go change back into glasses. This would…

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Swede Party with Free Absolut

Open bar with premium brand Absolut on a Friday night in New York City.  Allegedly.

But then again the Swedish do take their midsummer parties seriously.  From what I gleaned from Wikipedia, it is a short season, a fertile season, and most importantly for me a magical season.  Hence, we get to benefit with a 10-11pm open bar, free entertainment, and potential model watching all while overlooking the Times Square/Port Authority area at Sky Room 330 W 40th St.  The party hours are 10pm Friday June 21st – 2am Saturday June 22nd, 2013.

For free entry ask the following to let you on the list:

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Pre-Thoughts on “Whore” Video Release Party

Official video release of “Whore” by HipRocknB artist Tess




When I saw the title, I thought, “Oh Dear God”!  And then I said, “It can’t be; it must be an ironic title.”  When I came across the photo, I said, “Maybe so,” because she looks like a rape or some kind of assault victim.  Yes, I admit I tend to look at the photos first when reading well anything.Vodkila

Then I see the following terms.
1) GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN in all caps no less.
2) SPONSORED BY VODKILA.  Really!?!  It sounds like a step up from drinking ethanol, something they would promote in poor communities, something that comes in a large can, something that is drunk as a dare, something mixed to lure someone in or … drag into bed, and/or something someone would use as a makeshift truth serum.  Apparently it is a mix of vodka and tequila because apparently one by itself is not enough.
I searched and searched for some sarcasm or political statement.  Nope.  but seeing how there are credible artists, music reps, and music aficionados, it is the perfect night to get caught with your pants down.  WHAT!?!  Excuse me.  The reps can be any low life perpetrating a fraud.  Or worse someone who is in the industry acting like they will do big things for your career.
Why are music aficionados part of the reason to get caught with your pants down?  So anybody with a pulse is your excuse is what you’re telling me.
Did you chuckle when you saw it will all be held on Dyckman Street?
If you are interested in attending, feel free RSVP to the address at the top of this blog.  PLEASE let me know if there were any poignant, ironic, or otherwise clever moments in the lyrics.


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Kevita: A Tart Sweet Treat Promoting Digestive Health

After taking an antibiotic regiment to decimate the dangerous bacteria, you may need help getting the helpful bacteria back into your system. The probiotics in Kevita provide a pleasant possible solution.

The delightfully bubbly Kevita comes in array of organic flavors sweetened with either stevia or cane juice. My favorite flavors are the Pomegranate Coconut and the Lemon Ginger. The regular coconut is okay if you know it does not taste like Coco Lopez (the creamy, sweet addition to pina coladas.) Kevita’s coconut is more sour like a lime coconut drink.

I don’t like the taste of acai, so I didn’t care for the strawberry acai coconut Kevita. I do have the ability to focus on just the strawberry flavor like some women focus only on the good qualities of a bad boyfriend. However, I don’t have to do that when I could just as easily consume a different taste experience.

At some restaurants, I have had unsavory tap water with a metallic taste made palatable via iced tea mix or some special syrup. While my olfactory glands were happy for the improvement, I knew it was the same nasty water I had earlier.

Kevita is different; they went out of their way to filter the water used in their recipe via reverse osmosis. And for this, I am glad.

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