Kevita: A Tart Sweet Treat Promoting Digestive Health

17 Jun

After taking an antibiotic regiment to decimate the dangerous bacteria, you may need help getting the helpful bacteria back into your system. The probiotics in Kevita provide a pleasant possible solution.

The delightfully bubbly Kevita comes in array of organic flavors sweetened with either stevia or cane juice. My favorite flavors are the Pomegranate Coconut and the Lemon Ginger. The regular coconut is okay if you know it does not taste like Coco Lopez (the creamy, sweet addition to pina coladas.) Kevita’s coconut is more sour like a lime coconut drink.

I don’t like the taste of acai, so I didn’t care for the strawberry acai coconut Kevita. I do have the ability to focus on just the strawberry flavor like some women focus only on the good qualities of a bad boyfriend. However, I don’t have to do that when I could just as easily consume a different taste experience.

At some restaurants, I have had unsavory tap water with a metallic taste made palatable via iced tea mix or some special syrup. While my olfactory glands were happy for the improvement, I knew it was the same nasty water I had earlier.

Kevita is different; they went out of their way to filter the water used in their recipe via reverse osmosis. And for this, I am glad.

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