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Why Your Body May have High Lead Levels

Hello Everybody,

It’s been a while and I missed writing.  Life was happening while I was planning to write.  Any who, I was checking out Food Safe to Eat (non organic vs. organic) and responded to a comment.  I wrote so much that I said, “I need to add this to my own blog.”  If you have any further insights/corrections, please let me know here.

Dear Jeanette,

I don’t know the source of your high levels of lead, but also consider the following. It is possible that your water may be contaminated because residue from pipes, surrounding soil contamination or air pollution.

In a similar vain, the Amish produce may be contaminated (not by them) but by industrial or neighbor’s runoff/air pollution.

In addition, I believe makeup sometimes contain either lead or mercury to help preserve it. I believe mercury may be found in some lotions and mascara. I believe some red lipsticks may have the lead.

Even if lead is regulated in your country, the regulation may be based on how much is allowed in a certain size sample. For example, hydrogenated oils are sometimes added to peanut butter, but the label will say 0 when it comes to trans fats. In the US, this is acceptable to print because a serving size (usually 2 TBL) has a negligible amount (to them.)

I don’t care if it is only .5-1.5 gms of trans fat, I find that labeling misleading. In addition, most people will eat more than 2 TBL in their life. Hence, they may be consuming all this PB not knowing there’s trans fats.

From my understanding, lead contamination is accumulative like trans fat servings can add up. Hence, you may find amounts in your surroundings, food, etc that don’t seem like a big deal by themselves, but collectively are giving you a huge result.


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