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Samsaengi Last Episode PSA

Were you watching Korean drama Samsaengi just to have Dish drop it last summer?  If you’re like me and refused to pay Direct TV just to watch the last few episodes of this tv novel, watch WMBC 63.1 to see what you missed with English subtitles.

According to WMBC’s website, they broadcast in digital television throughout the greater NJ/NYC metropolitan area (including) Long Island, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Monmouth County, NJ.  If you don’t live in the area, they suggest you please check with your cable or satellite TV provider for the availability of WMBC-DT.

Episode 120 AKA the last episode should air 1 am Friday February 28, 2014 New York time.  I base this on the the fact that the show has been showing daily and today’s episode was 112.

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Talking to Leah Nanako Winkler: A Cultural Democracy in the Performing Arts Interview


  • From my casual observations as an audience member, Broadway seems to want to make the most amount of money by appealing to the most amount of people. This satisfaction is usually derived from offending the least amount of people and offering the least challenging of plots. Hence from what I’ve seen, most theatre shows are pleasant, monotonous fluff where everything has a happy ending. I do love a happy ending, but I do get bored with the same type of ending all the time.
  • I sincerely believe art is not only there to entertain; it is there to also engage, challenge, reflect, teach and learn from society. Culture informs art and art informs culture. Hence, I appreciate seeing different ethnic groups, religions, countries, etc.
  • While thought provoking material may not get the credit it deserves, it is still worthwhile to have. Whether it is another biracial person looking for representation in their entertainment choices or someone in the future who will wonder what life was like at a certain place and time – diversity is key to providing perspective and hopefully understanding.

The Brooklyn Commune

The Brooklyn Commune’s Cultural Democracy and Representation Team, led by Kyoung H. Park, has designed an artist survey to invite artists to share their experiences working in the field in order to open up public discussions regarding diversity and inclusion in the performing arts. Over the course of the next few months, we will highlight interviews with artists who are in conversation with the Brooklyn Commune’s Cultural Democracy and Representation Team, and we invite members of our community to help us gather more information by completing our survey here. Our team will synthesize our findings and share these interviews and our findings online.

1-    How do you identify yourself? How does your identity influence or inform your work?

I identify myself as a biracial female playwright who grew up in both Kamakura Japan and Lexington, Kentucky. At this point I am a writer that is often self-referential (I write what…

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7/11/13 Mixed Greens: Opening Art Reception

Did you finish your free Slurpee and want even more refreshment? Well the Mixed Greens Art Exhibit might just satisfy your visual appetite.

Of course there are no guarantees, but the tasteful Larry Ossei-Mensah tends towards quality aesthetics. He calls himself a flâneur.  Indeed over the years, I’ve casually observed him enjoying everything from a party in the MoMa garden to touting Winehouse’s artistry to writing on all matter of things.  

Well, His My Global Hustle blog is a treat for a voyeur like me Vicarious Li.  I’m hoping this collection of contemporary, international female artists tomorrow will also delight.

visual arts

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