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Take Back the Tap (Water)

LUSH makes a compelling argument to increase our consumption of tap water.  They brilliantly display facts in a colorful, concise manner definitely worth reviewing, so much so that it inspired me to add my two cents in this blog.

For example, we really don’t know if all bottled water comes from a reputable source and/or if it is properly filtered.  Meanwhile, we do know all American tap water is regulated to encourage public health.  Maybe this is why 48% of bottled water comes from the regular tap; the companies already know it is safe enough to drink.  That and they get to make a nice profit by charging an exorbitant markup fee on something that is already free and readily available.

LUSH continues their case by pointing out “the privatization of public resources.”  Water is a precious commodity.  We use water to cook, clean, play, and drink.  The human body consists of 55-75% of water, so we definitely need water.

However In my opinion, when something like water is privatized – it puts the public at risk of not having enough water.  If water is treated like gold and gems, then some people will try to overcharge and/or hoard it as much as possible.  Thus leaving the rest with little or none of the highly priced resource.  In areas where water is scarce, tensions may arise over who gets to control the water.  Just google “war over water.”

Even in areas blessed with abundant, potable water can suddenly fall prey to scarcity once a disaster strikes.  You don’t have to go through a tsunami, earthquake, or hurricane to figure that one.  I have had the privilege of having the water cut off unexpectedly because the landlord needed to clean the pipe or replace a boiler.  Hence, no matter where you live, water is still a relief to have or a shock to not have.

To keep water affordable, we should consider using the tap more and investing in our local waterways.  I for one am a lover of bottled water because it reduces the likelihood that someone slipped something in my drink.  I also hate seeing how some people put their dirty hands on the ice or inside the cup I was going to consume.  Professionally bottled water also reduces the cross contamination of people putting their small neck bottles right up to the faucet.  However, I pledge to drink tap in the comfort of my home or when I have the opportunity to see the water giver’s technique.

If you do partake in bottled water, please recycle to relieve our landfills and oceans.  I almost always recycle and this was even before they started giving us five cents back on water bottles.  I will sometimes carry around recyclables until I can properly dispose of it.  However, whether we use bottled water money to fund local water systems, recycle more, or just drink more tap – we all have a chance to help in our own way.

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