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Why Your Body May have High Lead Levels

Hello Everybody,

It’s been a while and I missed writing.  Life was happening while I was planning to write.  Any who, I was checking out Food Safe to Eat (non organic vs. organic) and responded to a comment.  I wrote so much that I said, “I need to add this to my own blog.”  If you have any further insights/corrections, please let me know here.

Dear Jeanette,

I don’t know the source of your high levels of lead, but also consider the following. It is possible that your water may be contaminated because residue from pipes, surrounding soil contamination or air pollution.

In a similar vain, the Amish produce may be contaminated (not by them) but by industrial or neighbor’s runoff/air pollution.

In addition, I believe makeup sometimes contain either lead or mercury to help preserve it. I believe mercury may be found in some lotions and mascara. I believe some red lipsticks may have the lead.

Even if lead is regulated in your country, the regulation may be based on how much is allowed in a certain size sample. For example, hydrogenated oils are sometimes added to peanut butter, but the label will say 0 when it comes to trans fats. In the US, this is acceptable to print because a serving size (usually 2 TBL) has a negligible amount (to them.)

I don’t care if it is only .5-1.5 gms of trans fat, I find that labeling misleading. In addition, most people will eat more than 2 TBL in their life. Hence, they may be consuming all this PB not knowing there’s trans fats.

From my understanding, lead contamination is accumulative like trans fat servings can add up. Hence, you may find amounts in your surroundings, food, etc that don’t seem like a big deal by themselves, but collectively are giving you a huge result.


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Take Back the Tap (Water)

LUSH makes a compelling argument to increase our consumption of tap water.  They brilliantly display facts in a colorful, concise manner definitely worth reviewing, so much so that it inspired me to add my two cents in this blog.

For example, we really don’t know if all bottled water comes from a reputable source and/or if it is properly filtered.  Meanwhile, we do know all American tap water is regulated to encourage public health.  Maybe this is why 48% of bottled water comes from the regular tap; the companies already know it is safe enough to drink.  That and they get to make a nice profit by charging an exorbitant markup fee on something that is already free and readily available.

LUSH continues their case by pointing out “the privatization of public resources.”  Water is a precious commodity.  We use water to cook, clean, play, and drink.  The human body consists of 55-75% of water, so we definitely need water.

However In my opinion, when something like water is privatized – it puts the public at risk of not having enough water.  If water is treated like gold and gems, then some people will try to overcharge and/or hoard it as much as possible.  Thus leaving the rest with little or none of the highly priced resource.  In areas where water is scarce, tensions may arise over who gets to control the water.  Just google “war over water.”

Even in areas blessed with abundant, potable water can suddenly fall prey to scarcity once a disaster strikes.  You don’t have to go through a tsunami, earthquake, or hurricane to figure that one.  I have had the privilege of having the water cut off unexpectedly because the landlord needed to clean the pipe or replace a boiler.  Hence, no matter where you live, water is still a relief to have or a shock to not have.

To keep water affordable, we should consider using the tap more and investing in our local waterways.  I for one am a lover of bottled water because it reduces the likelihood that someone slipped something in my drink.  I also hate seeing how some people put their dirty hands on the ice or inside the cup I was going to consume.  Professionally bottled water also reduces the cross contamination of people putting their small neck bottles right up to the faucet.  However, I pledge to drink tap in the comfort of my home or when I have the opportunity to see the water giver’s technique.

If you do partake in bottled water, please recycle to relieve our landfills and oceans.  I almost always recycle and this was even before they started giving us five cents back on water bottles.  I will sometimes carry around recyclables until I can properly dispose of it.  However, whether we use bottled water money to fund local water systems, recycle more, or just drink more tap – we all have a chance to help in our own way.

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7/11 Free Slurpee Day

It’s only available at participating locations while supplies last, but I think most people will be able to get a slurpee.  When I did it last year, the store had to freeze the newly restocked machine.  However, I was still able to get my much appreciated slurps after returning a couple of hours.  Yes, I’m dedicated; I do the same thing even when it’s not free.

Back to the main story, get your 7-Eleven slurp on 7/11 ironically from 11am-7pm.  The 7-Eleven website says bring B.Y.O.D.S. (Bring Your Own Dance Shoes,) but I’m already dancing in my seat.

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Play Cat and Mouse for Free Ben and Jerry’s

According to twitter, they’ve allegedly been in NY doling out the good stuff since yesterday.  And there just emailing me now?!  Well despite their claims, I have yet to see where the truck has or will be.  They want people to tweet them locations… and they might show up.  Really B&J?  Really?  So if I let you know where I live, etc, I’ll get free fro-yo delivered to me?  Right.  I’m not even comfortable giving nearby locations where B&J or the whole wide world can triangulate my approximate location.

Well, they’ll be in New York City through Aug 6th.  Hopefully, they’ll actually tweet us a location and time instead of us hoping to just run into them at the right moment.  

Visit for updates including when they may visit your state.

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Swede Party with Free Absolut

Open bar with premium brand Absolut on a Friday night in New York City.  Allegedly.

But then again the Swedish do take their midsummer parties seriously.  From what I gleaned from Wikipedia, it is a short season, a fertile season, and most importantly for me a magical season.  Hence, we get to benefit with a 10-11pm open bar, free entertainment, and potential model watching all while overlooking the Times Square/Port Authority area at Sky Room 330 W 40th St.  The party hours are 10pm Friday June 21st – 2am Saturday June 22nd, 2013.

For free entry ask the following to let you on the list:

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Pre-Thoughts on “Whore” Video Release Party

Official video release of “Whore” by HipRocknB artist Tess




When I saw the title, I thought, “Oh Dear God”!  And then I said, “It can’t be; it must be an ironic title.”  When I came across the photo, I said, “Maybe so,” because she looks like a rape or some kind of assault victim.  Yes, I admit I tend to look at the photos first when reading well anything.Vodkila

Then I see the following terms.
1) GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN in all caps no less.
2) SPONSORED BY VODKILA.  Really!?!  It sounds like a step up from drinking ethanol, something they would promote in poor communities, something that comes in a large can, something that is drunk as a dare, something mixed to lure someone in or … drag into bed, and/or something someone would use as a makeshift truth serum.  Apparently it is a mix of vodka and tequila because apparently one by itself is not enough.
I searched and searched for some sarcasm or political statement.  Nope.  but seeing how there are credible artists, music reps, and music aficionados, it is the perfect night to get caught with your pants down.  WHAT!?!  Excuse me.  The reps can be any low life perpetrating a fraud.  Or worse someone who is in the industry acting like they will do big things for your career.
Why are music aficionados part of the reason to get caught with your pants down?  So anybody with a pulse is your excuse is what you’re telling me.
Did you chuckle when you saw it will all be held on Dyckman Street?
If you are interested in attending, feel free RSVP to the address at the top of this blog.  PLEASE let me know if there were any poignant, ironic, or otherwise clever moments in the lyrics.


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Kevita: A Tart Sweet Treat Promoting Digestive Health

After taking an antibiotic regiment to decimate the dangerous bacteria, you may need help getting the helpful bacteria back into your system. The probiotics in Kevita provide a pleasant possible solution.

The delightfully bubbly Kevita comes in array of organic flavors sweetened with either stevia or cane juice. My favorite flavors are the Pomegranate Coconut and the Lemon Ginger. The regular coconut is okay if you know it does not taste like Coco Lopez (the creamy, sweet addition to pina coladas.) Kevita’s coconut is more sour like a lime coconut drink.

I don’t like the taste of acai, so I didn’t care for the strawberry acai coconut Kevita. I do have the ability to focus on just the strawberry flavor like some women focus only on the good qualities of a bad boyfriend. However, I don’t have to do that when I could just as easily consume a different taste experience.

At some restaurants, I have had unsavory tap water with a metallic taste made palatable via iced tea mix or some special syrup. While my olfactory glands were happy for the improvement, I knew it was the same nasty water I had earlier.

Kevita is different; they went out of their way to filter the water used in their recipe via reverse osmosis. And for this, I am glad.

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