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Self Discipline

I’m feeling the hump today instead of Wednesday. i wanted to write every day, but I think I need a break — and I only started this Monday! Hence the lazy, but relevant re-blog

Legitimate Excuses

I’m intent on making a blog post today. I’m not sure what its going to be about.
Does it matter? It just has to be something good right?
Maybe I’ll never start it.
Last night was pretty great. I went to a show at bizarre bushwick. It was another wacky performance art show. I invited Baxton to it earlier in the day thinking Hope, who was coming in from Florida, would want to go out and experience the city.
Hope was sick though, so we ordered food at home. I was still intent on going to the show. I put in my contacts and convinced hope to walk me to the train stop.
On the way there my left contact started to give me trouble. As the pain became too much to ignore I realized I needed to take out the contact and go change back into glasses. This would…

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