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7/11/13 Mixed Greens: Opening Art Reception

Did you finish your free Slurpee and want even more refreshment? Well the Mixed Greens Art Exhibit might just satisfy your visual appetite.

Of course there are no guarantees, but the tasteful Larry Ossei-Mensah tends towards quality aesthetics. He calls himself a flâneur.  Indeed over the years, I’ve casually observed him enjoying everything from a party in the MoMa garden to touting Winehouse’s artistry to writing on all matter of things.  

Well, His My Global Hustle blog is a treat for a voyeur like me Vicarious Li.  I’m hoping this collection of contemporary, international female artists tomorrow will also delight.

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Play Cat and Mouse for Free Ben and Jerry’s

According to twitter, they’ve allegedly been in NY doling out the good stuff since yesterday.  And there just emailing me now?!  Well despite their claims, I have yet to see where the truck has or will be.  They want people to tweet them locations… and they might show up.  Really B&J?  Really?  So if I let you know where I live, etc, I’ll get free fro-yo delivered to me?  Right.  I’m not even comfortable giving nearby locations where B&J or the whole wide world can triangulate my approximate location.

Well, they’ll be in New York City through Aug 6th.  Hopefully, they’ll actually tweet us a location and time instead of us hoping to just run into them at the right moment.  

Visit for updates including when they may visit your state.

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Swede Party with Free Absolut

Open bar with premium brand Absolut on a Friday night in New York City.  Allegedly.

But then again the Swedish do take their midsummer parties seriously.  From what I gleaned from Wikipedia, it is a short season, a fertile season, and most importantly for me a magical season.  Hence, we get to benefit with a 10-11pm open bar, free entertainment, and potential model watching all while overlooking the Times Square/Port Authority area at Sky Room 330 W 40th St.  The party hours are 10pm Friday June 21st – 2am Saturday June 22nd, 2013.

For free entry ask the following to let you on the list:

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